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One place for your content, finally!

It can be frustrating to have your content scattered across the web.
Traxify lets all creators create amazing looking landing pages, without the hassle.

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  • Smartlinks

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  • Ad free!

Your new website with just a few clicks.

It can be frustrating to have your content scattered across the web. With your new profile on Traxify you're able to instanty create a website, but! __ Without the hassle.

Personalize your page with your own profile picture and cover artwork.

Link your fans to all your music, stores and streaming services and feature your best work in the spotlight.

Let your fans know where to find you on social media and let them know how to contact you personally or for enquiries.

Create your profile, simply by importing your Facebook page.

See what's happening!

Traxify gives you insight in how your Smartlinks are performing. See what store/services your visitors prefer and are going to and track click through rate data in realtime.

You're now also able to see where your fans are located for every Smartlink you've created.


We will never ever put ads on your Smartlinks or Profiles and try to keep our own branding to a minimum!

Supporting your favorite stores and services.