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One place for all your content, finally!

It can be frustrating to have your content scattered across the web. Traxify lets all creators customize and manage their online presence without the hassle.

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Some of our best features

  • Smartlinks

  • Directlinks

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Finally, One simple link for all your content.

Whether you're a Music producer, Podcaster, Record label or Dj. From now on you've got all your content at one spot.

All the features you need, for free.
Instantly route your fans to any link using Directlinks.

Using Directlinks, you're able to route your fans to any link you want, without the need of setting up a landing page.
A very, very exciting feature for Artists and Labels...
More info to follow.
We hate ads as well.

Some of your favorite music apps.

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Whether you're a Dj, Producer, Podcaster or a Label Bigshot,
Traxify offers all the features you'll ever need!

And best of all, it's absolutely free!